Mod Note: Hi guys, it’s been a while since I’ve last gotten on this blog. I’m just on to let you guys know that I am going to close this ask account as well as my other ask account for my pony oc. I really appreciate everyone who followed me and still are, but I don’t want you guys to keep hoping that I will come back. I would like to keep this blog open until I re-decide to liven up my ask blogs again but for now… I am pretty sure that I will not update my blogs anymore. Feel free to unfollow me, I won’t mind. Thanks again for my followers that kept track with my work.









((Sorry, for posting up the winners images so late. I was planning to finish these before the new years, but sadly that did not work out due to school. So here they are, I had a lot of fun drawing these and I just finished these now in my stream, thanks to those who came to the stream, I had a lot of talking to you buds. ;] ANYWAY, I hope the winners got what they wanted from their requests. Enjoy~))


(( I’m on deadlines for things so I didn’t get to draw anything for this, but I hope you guys enjoy the new year. :] ))

Twilight: I was trying to turn this piece of paper into a piece of candy, to train my magic, but instead it caught on fire…

Why must you do Omegle requests as soon as my class starts? Where there is no Wifi?

I’m sorry. 

For others who have missed this one and wanted to participate, I will most likely do another omegle quest for Christmas and New Years. :]

Omegle Quest Starting in 5 Minutes

I will be streaming so the winners will know they are the winners for sure.

The common interests in omegle will be:

- My Little Pony

- Kawaii

There won’t be a little catchphrase or anything since I will stream, hopefully this won’t cause any confusion.

Thanksgiving Omegle Quest

Okay. So not enough people are participating in the giveaway, so I decided that I would make it an omegle quest. There will be the same prizes as before. 5 winners that get to request any type of drawing from me, either it be chibis, maybe ponies, maybe a person, etc.

To get ideas of how I draw normally, you can surf through my DeviantArt.

The quest will begin in 50 min. (6:00pm EST)

And I will post all of the exact information about the quest in a new post. I hope many people will participate. :]



((So cute~))

((Sorry that this is kind of late. But please enjoy these ghost chibis~))


((Sorry that this is kind of late. But please enjoy these ghost chibis~))

Rarity: Of course darling~

((Style has gone back to somewhat old style since I got some messages about some people not liking the style and I agree with that, the eyes got somewhat creepy. Lol.))